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Jul 01, 2018
Passage: 1 Peter 2:3

A Chosen Generation

…ye are a chosen generation…

(1 PETER 2:3)

Hail, chosen race, redeemed from sin,

Dear purchase of Jehovah’s blood,

Cast out and disesteemed of men,

But lovely in the eyes of God.

Objects of His eternal love,

Selected from the common mass,

A royal priesthood, called to prove

The search-less riches of His grace.

Built on the everlasting Rock,

That Corner-stone in Zion laid,

When tempests beat, ye stand the shock,

Invincible, through Christ, your Head.

Ye, His peculiar people, shine,

A nation holy to the Lord,

By everlasting love divine,

Given to Christ as His reward.

And will He not His praise show forth,

Who called you out of nature’s tomb,

And freed you, by a second birth,

From sin’s most just and fearful doom?

O Thou to whom alone we owe

Our present and eternal bliss,

Whose love has granted us to know

The things pertaining to our peace,

With mingled thankfulness and prayer,

We laud thy grace, so freely given,

In songs our gratitude declare,

And praise thee as we walk to heaven.

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