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May 29, 2016
Preacher: John Bunyan
Passage: Ephesians 3:19

CHRIST’s Love Passeth Knowledge

…to know the love of CHRIST, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of GOD…

A man, through unbelief, may think that CHRIST has no love to him; and yet CHRIST may love him a love that passeth knowledge. But when men, in the common course of their profession, will be always terminated here, that they know how, and how far, CHRIST can love; and will thence be bold to conclude of their own [confidence in their salvation], and of the loss and ruin of all that are not in the same notions, opinions, formalities, or judgment as they—this is the worst [pride] and greatest of all [delusions]. The text, therefore, to rectify those false and erroneous conclusions, says [that] the love of CHRIST is a love that “passeth knowledge”

[Beloved], does Satan suggest that GOD will not hear your stammering and chattering prayers? Does Satan suggest that thy trials, and troubles, and afflictions, are so many that you shall never get beyond them?—relief is at hand, for CHRIST loves thee with a love that passeth knowledge. This is a weapon that will baffle the devil, when all other weapons fail….Why should anything have my heart but GOD, but CHRIST? He loves me; He loves me with love that passeth knowledge; and I will love Him. His love stripped HIM of all for my sake. I am a son of love, an object of love, a monument of love; of free love, of distinguishing love, of peculiar love, and of love that passeth knowledge (EPHESIANS 3:19). And why should not I walk in love—in love to GOD, in love to man, in holy love, in love unfeigned?

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