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May 07, 2016
Passage: Philippians 4:7


…the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus — PHILIPPIANS 4:7

Child of GOD, take an honest survey of things. If you do not enjoy this peace, the blame must be laid at your door alone. We make ourselves restless by unbelief.

Look upward — There is no sword of justice against you, no cup of wrath for you to bear, no angry GOD against you.

Look downward — There is no condemnation, no death, no judgment, no second death, no hell for you to endure.

Look backward — All your past sins are blotted out, forgiven, taken away, and remembered no more.

Look outward — GOD has made all the beasts of the field, all the stones of the earth, all the trees of the forest and even your enemies to be at peace with you.

Look inward — GOD has set up a guard in your heart to keep your heart. HIS name is PEACE, the PEACE of GOD that “passeth understanding” is GOD’s gift to faith.

Look forward Heavenly glory awaits you. All that the Man CHRIST JESUS is and has done soon shall be yours!

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