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Feb 19, 2017
Preacher: Jack Shanks
Passage: Hebrews 9:7 & 1 Peter 1:9

Not Without Blood

…into the second went the high priest alone once every year, 
not without blood, which he offered for himself, 
and for the errors of the people


What a thought to be justified in the sight of the holy God, to have every vestige of sin and pollution washed away. I awoke during the night with that thought. Our Lord has a special way of blessing during the nighttime hours. Here I am on the edge of eternity, and the Almighty Creator waits with a welcome. You top that, brother! I am in God’s purpose as the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Then the words came to me: “Not without blood.” I own the blood! I confess the blood!

As I age may God by His amazing grace, take away any vestige of hope I might have in anything but the “precious blood of Christ as of a Lamb without blemish and without spot” (1 PETER 1:9). I've heard men say, “Well, I just want peace as I grow old.” I do too! “Not without blood.” It will be a bloody peace or none at all. “And having made PEACE through the blood of His cross” (COLOSSIANS 1:20). That high priest in Hebrews 9:7, who went into the very presence of God Himself, went in with one thought in mind; that if he went in “without blood” it was sure death. I come into the presence of the Almighty with the same thought. Whatever else is involved, I cannot come “without blood,” for the wrath of God awaits any who come “without blood.” Yes, Lord, I agree! Give me grace to come to you in the crimson flow of the bloody Christ, the only Redeemer of sinners.

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