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Feb 11, 2018
Preacher: Adolph Saphir
Passage: Psalm 119:72 & Psalm 119:103

Reading the Scriptures

‘The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver.’—‘How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!’

(PSALM 119:72,103)

In reading the Scriptures, we ought to approach as to a sanctuary, with awe and reverence, with a collected mind and a solemn, docile heart. And how thankful ought we to be for this revelation, for its fulness and simplicity, for the great truths it unfolds and the minute counsels it contains, for its doctrine and consolation [comfort]; the history of the past and the prophecy of the future, the example of the saints and the varied experiences of God’s children. If an angel from heaven, who had been before God’s throne for thousands of years, came down to earth, and dwelling among us, was willing to communicate unto us out of the treasure of his knowledge of divine things, how eagerly we would seek his society [company], and how attentively we would treasure up his words. But the Bible is better than such a celestial messenger. It is given by God Himself, as the best and most perfect teacher. He, in his infinite wisdom, has adapted both the matter and manner to our wants and peculiar position in this world. He has revealed to us things into which the very angels desire to look. What can be more precious than his own language and his own words, revealing to us the inmost thoughts and purposes of his heart? We ought to open the Bible with the most lively gratitude. Here is indeed a treasure invaluable. “Oh, how I love thy Word! it is better than thousands of gold and silver; it is sweeter than honey and the honeycomb” [PSALM 119:72,103].

An excerpt from Adolph Saphir’s book “Christ and the Scriptures

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