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Sep 30, 2018
Preacher: William Mason
Passage: Hebrews 6:9

Things that accompany salvation

…beloved, we are persuaded better things of you, 
and things that accompany salvation…


Mary mistook Christ for the gardener, John 20:15.—We are very apt to mistake our graces for our Saviour. Some put their faith in the place of Christ’s righteousness. They say, ‘We are justified by our faith, and not by the righteousness of Christ.’ Others call the graces of the covenant, the conditions of salvation. These are sad mistakes. Hereby the glory of Christ is eclipsed. The sinner’s eye is turned from the Saviour to himself. His trust is placed in his graces instead of Christ. He mistakes the things which accompany salvation, for salvation itself. What are the things which accompany salvation? Naturally, we have none of them. We have only the things which accompany damnation. We are no more able to work them in ourselves, than a dead corpse can raise itself to life, or a devil in hell change himself into an angel in heaven. They are the train of graces which ever attend the King of saints. The Saviour brings them, with Himself, into the saved sinner’s heart. They are the graces of His Spirit. 1. Faith in Jesus, as a redeeming, justifying, sanctifying Saviour. 2. Repentance towards God, as receiving and pardoning sinners in Christ: hatred of sin, and turning from sin to Christ. 3. Hope; which is as an anchor of the soul, by keeping it steady in the expectation of what the word promises, and faith believes. 4. Love to God, excited by his love to us in Christ. 5. Peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. 6. Joy in God, having now received the atonement by faith. 7. Heavenly mindedness, by living on Jesus. 8. Deadness to sin, by the body of Christ. 9. Deadness to the world, being crucified with Christ. 10. Living to holiness, being alive unto God through Jesus Christ. 11. Love to our brethren and fellow sinners, being passed from death to life. And, to all—the rest, constant dissatisfaction with ourselves, seeing we still are miserable sinners, imperfect creatures, unprofitable servants. We look on nothing within us as our title to glory, but wholly and solely to Jesus. These graces we receive out of His fulness. These are evidences of interest in him, make us meet for heaven, and accompany salvation. For we have fellowship with God, and His Son Jesus Christ. Paul was persuaded of these things concerning his Christian brethren. See then the glorious nature of Christianity. The faith of the gospel, and the hope of salvation, are not empty notions. But “whom God justified, them He also glorified,” Romans 8:30. Those whom He adorns with the glorious robes of Christ’s righteousness, He makes glorious with the graces of his Spirit. What God hath joined together let no man put asunder, Matthew 19:6.

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