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Dec 09, 2018
Preacher: Todd Nibert
Passage: Luke 7:50

Thy Faith Hath Saved Thee

…Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace

(LUKE 7:50)

We know that strictly speaking, it is not our faith that saved us.  Faith did not keep the law for me. Christ did!  Faith did not die on the cross for my sins. Christ did!  Faith was not  raised from the dead, Christ was! Yet the Lord says, “Thy faith hath saved thee.” Why does the Saviour put this high honor on our faith? Because faith looks to Christ alone! It rests in Him only, and looks nowhere else! It gives all the honor of salvation to Christ! A faith that does not do that is not saving faith to begin with. Christ puts such honor on faith because true faith puts all honor on HIM!

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