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Mar 04, 2018
Preacher: T.B.B.
Passage: Colossians 2:13

ALL Sins Forgiven and Forgotten

Having forgiving you all trespasses…


There are some young Christians who find it very hard to realize [may the LORD give the reader grace to know it] that ALL their sins are forgiven. They have come to [the Lord] Jesus, and yet they have not cast all their sins on Him, but seem to be carrying part of the burden themselves.

There is a story of a man who was walking along the road with a heavy pack on his back. A farmer drove along and offered him a ride in his cart, which the man gladly accepted. Presently the farmer noticed that the man kept his pack on his shoulders, and asked him why he did not lay it down in the cart. “Oh, sir,” said the man, “it is very kind indeed of you to carry me, but I did not like to ask you to carry my pack as well.” You will laugh at this foolish man, no doubt; but is it not equally foolish to know that [the Lord] Jesus saves us [to the uttermost] and yet to think there is some part of our burden which we cannot fully cast upon Him?

“Having forgiven you ALL trespasses” (COLOSSIANS 2:13). Can we have anything clearer and more decisive than this? See also what the Psalmist says: “Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy people, thou hast covered ALL their sin.” (PSALM 85:2). And Isaiah says, “Thou hast cast ALL my sins behind thy back” (ISAIAH 38:17). Again, the prophet Micah says, “Thou wilt cast ALL their sins into the depths of the sea” (MICAH 7:19).

“I cannot understand” said a little boy, “what becomes of the sins when God takes them away.” “Do you ever do a sum Johnny? When you take [the calculator, and press the ‘C’ button], what becomes of all the figures?” “Oh, I see now,” he said; “they are ALL [clear] gone.” And so [it is in Christ beloved], God [declares] how that He “blotteth out [our] transgressions…and will not remember [our] sins” (ISAIAH 43:25).

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