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Aug 14, 2016
Passage: 1 Corinthians 2:1

“I Came Not With Excellency Of Speech”

…not with excellency of speech or of wisdom…


A gospel sermon is not a work of art, or a display of human knowledge. It is a plain and simple declaration of the truth of GOD. It will be quite boring to those who have no interest in CHRIST. The reading of a will would be mind-numbing legalese unless you are a beneficiary. So the gospel message is of no consequence save to those who are joint-heirs with JESUS CHRIST.

There is a tendency toward making the gospel interesting or novel, and this is why Paul highlights this specific determination not to. But fleshly displays of human wisdom or art only make the message interesting to the self-righteous. A real sinner finds nothing of more interest than the simple truth of GOD being merciful to sinners in CHRIST.

A real sinner is riveted by the news that there is mercy even for the most foul and foolish. A real sinner is enthralled to hear that grace is free and that the precious blood of CHRIST is effectual to save to the uttermost all who come to GOD by him. The language you use will, in the end, be appropriate to the audience to whom you speak. The “Greeks” will always want human philosophy and “deep” studies of words and ideas, and to take “stances” on points of doctrine. The “Jews” will always seek the sensational, emotional, and that which impresses the senses. But those who are the called of GOD, whether Jew or Greek, will need and demand CHRIST, who is to them the wisdom and power of GOD himself.

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