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Oct 14, 2018
Preacher: G.T.C.
Passage: Song of Songs 8:5

Leaning Upon Christ

Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness,
leaning upon her beloved?


I would, my Lord, thy chastenings bear,

In hope above thy crown to wear.

O give me grace sufficient, do,

And make me more than conqueror too.

I would be taught at thy dear feet,

And know and do thy will complete;

I’d live and die in thy embrace,

And live and sing in heaven thy praise.

I would be found among the saints,

And mingle mine with their complaints;

I crave a lot with them and thee,

With Christ to dwell, from sin set free.

I’d show the world whom ’tis I love;

I’d always feel my heart above;

I’d spend my days to honour thee,

Who has done such great things for me.

I've sung the theme now sung above;

I’ve wept and sung, “My God is love;”

I surely then shall praise Him there.
Then farewell world, and sin, and care.

No soul that’s out of hell can be

More worthless, Lord, than sinful me.

That grace which saved me still can save
The vilest soul this side the grave.

Since I have mercy found while here,

No needy sinner need despair;

Love undertakes the blackest case,

And saves the chosen all by grace.

Praise to the Father, God of love,

Praise to the Son, our Friend above;

Praise to the Spirit, God of power,

Praise Him, my soul, for evermore.

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