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Sovereign Grace Church - “O visit me with Thy salvation” - by J.C. Philpot

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Dec 10, 2017
Preacher: J.C. Philpot
Passage: Psalm 106:4

“O visit me with Thy salvation”

Remember me, O Lord, with the favour that thou bearest unto the people: O visit me with thy salvation

(PSALM 106:4)

Dear reader do you know how a man is brought and taught to want to be “visited with” God’s salvation? He must know something first of condemnation. Salvation only suits the condemned. “The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (LUKE 19:20); and therefore salvation only suits the lost. A man must be lost—utterly lost—before he can prize God’s salvation.

And how is he lost? By losing all his religion, losing all his righteousness, losing all his strength, losing all his confidence, losing all his hopes, losing all that is of the flesh; losing it by its being taken from him, and stripped away by the hand of God.

A man who is brought into this state of utter [poverty] and complete bankruptcy—to be nothing, to have nothing, to know nothing—he is the man, who in the midnight watches, in his lonely hours, by [the dim light of his bedside alarm clock], and, at times, well-nigh night and day, is crying, groaning, begging, suing, seeking, and praying after the manifestation of God’s salvation to his soul. “O visit me with thy salvation” (PSALM 106:4).

He wants a visit from God. He wants God to come and dwell with him, take up His abode in his heart, discover Himself to him, manifest and reveal Himself, sit down with him, eat with him, walk with him, and dwell in him as his God. And a living soul can be satisfied with nothing short of this. He must have a visit. It profits him little to read in the Word of God what God did to His saints of old; he wants something for himself, something that shall do his soul good. He wants something that shall cheer, refresh, comfort, bless, and profit him, remove his burdens, and settle his soul into peace. And therefore he wants a visitation—that the presence and power, the mercy and the love of God should visit his soul.

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