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Dec 11, 2016
Preacher: David Eddmenson
Passage: Luke 10:42

One Thing Is Needful

But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, 
which shall not be taken away from her

(LUKE 10:42)

A couple weeks ago a young couple stopped by the church who was moving to the area and asked some questions about the church. The first thing they asked me was “what do you have for the kids.” I have been asked this many times so I was somewhat prepared to answer them. I told them we had something for the children and adults alike that most churches did not offer. That sparked their attention as they waited inquisitively for my answer. I told them that what we had for those who attended here was the Truth of the Gospel. I told them that we had Sunday School classes for the children and the adults that told the truth about GOD concerning JESUS CHRIST. I went on to say, not every church tells the truth about GOD, CHRIST and sinners. I explained that we concentrated all our efforts on telling people the truth concerning JESUS CHRIST. I said we did not have passion plays, Christmas programs or softball teams. We have the truth. The one thing that is needful.

We have chosen to teach the good part, which can never be taken away from you or your children. CHRIST JESUS and Him crucified. This is the one thing needful for sinners. I need not say that I have not seen or heard from them since. I may not have told them what they wanted to hear, but I do feel as though I told them what they needed to hear.

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