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Jun 05, 2016
Preacher: Milton Howard
Passage: Genesis 22:8-14

…the message of the Book of Genesis

...God will provide himself a lamb

(GENESIS 22:8, 14)

Substitution is typified in the entire Book of Genesis, and clearly declared by Abraham in his response to the question of his son Isaac upon the mount of sacrifice. (GENESIS 22:8, 14)

Our great GOD always accomplishes HIS great purpose of grace. Nothing can stay HIS hand. All things are instruments in the hands of GOD to do as HE pleases. The fall of Adam did not take GOD by surprise, rather it opened the way for the redemption by CHRIST.

This is the message of the Book of Genesis. Man without CHRIST is totally sinful, without help, inadequate, useless, and vain. But, blessed be GOD, in CHRIST our GOD and SAVIOUR, there is infinite mercy, love, and grace for our immortal souls.

An excerpt from the Spanish book “Un Paseo De La Santa Biblia / Voyage of the Holy Bible”

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