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Sovereign Grace Church - The Young Wife | Or, Hints To Married Daughters

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Nov 30, 2018
Passage: Ephesians 5:22-33

The Young Wife | Or, Hints To Married Daughters

The Young Wife coverBy A Mother...Yes, gentle bride, leave not the home of your childhood, and the guides of your youth, to enter on the duties and trials of married life, without engaging the friendship and guidance of One, who will accompany you through all your earthly pilgrimage—One who will be your director in difficulty, your shield in danger, your strength in weakness, your supply in destitution, your comfort in sorrow, your “all in all” [COLOSSIANS 3:11]. Are you ready to say, “Yes, I expect all this from the husband of my affections?” Dear young reader, far be it from me to infuse one drop of bitterness into the brimming cup of felicity which you just now press to your lips; to check your rising hopes of connubial happiness [marital happiness], pure, abundant, and long continued. Expect much from the society of your husband; you ought to do so, and in affectionate, confiding, exulting, domestic intercourse, seek your highest earthly enjoyment. But, I must remind you, that you will need, that you do need something more than even a husband can impart. Call to your recollection the term for which your union is formed, and the very phrase employed will convince you that you need something beyond it: “Till death us do part.” Then death will come and dissolve your union. It may come first to your husband, and take him from you; then how complete will be your desolation, unless God be your friend! Death may come first to you; then how wretched will be your condition, if, when you must leave your husband, you have not a God to go to! Do bear in mind, that you have a soul, a never-dying soul; and that, however pleasing and prosperous your outward circumstances, you can neither be safe nor happy unless you have, by a lively faith and a voluntary surrender, committed your immortal interests to the keeping of the everlasting God, and till you have established habits of intercourse with Him, going to Him as a child to a father, for daily direction, support, and supplies.

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