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Nov 17, 1842
Preacher: William Gadsby
Passage: Ephesians 2:12

At that time ye were without Christ

William Gadsby wrote...

At that time ye were without Christ cover

If we are without God, we have no God to go to in trouble, in storms, and in tempests; no God to carry our grievances to. We may have our tens of thousands of riches; our knowledge maybe wonderful; we may cultivate our intellects, store up a great treasure of useful knowledge; but to be without God; O what an awful thing! By and by we shall have to stretch ourselves upon a dying bed and to drop into eternity. What will become of us then, if we are without God, as our God? Without God. This is the state we are all in by nature. Sinner, are you without Christ? Where art thou? O may the Lord God omnipotent send a dart into your conscience, if it be His blessed will, and lead you to a sight and sense of your condition before him, as being without God in the world!




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