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Sovereign Grace Church - Christ Is All - by C.H. Mackintosh

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Apr 23, 2016
Preacher: C.H. Mackintosh
Passage: Colossians 3:11

Christ Is All

A man who tells me, “you must be so and so, in order to be saved,” robs the cross of all its glory, and robs me of all my peace! If salvation depends upon our being or doing this or that, we shall, inevitably, be lost. Thank God, it does not; for the great fundamental principle of the Gospel is that CHRIST IS ALL; man is NOTHING. It is not a mixture of CHRIST and man; the salvation of sinners is entirely by the doing and dying of our Lord and God Jesus Christ.

The peace of the Gospel does not rest in part on CHRIST’s work and in part on man’s work; it rest wholly on CHRIST’s work, because that work is perfect, perfect forever, and it renders all who put their trust in HIM as perfect as HE IS! CHRIST must either be a whole Saviour or no Saviour at all.

The moment a man says, “you must be so and so, in order to be saved,” he totally subverts the Gospel; for in the Gospel I find Christ coming down to me, just as I am—a lost guilty, self-destroyed sinner, and coming, moreover, with a full remission of all my sins, and a full salvation from my lost estate, all perfectly wrought by Himself on the cross.

What rest! Perfect rest! is there for the heart and conscience of the believing sinner! What full relief for the burdened spirit! All our sins buried in the grave of CHRIST—not one—not even the smallest sin left out!

God did this for us! All the sins that His searching eye could detect in His people, He laid on the head of CHRIST when He hung upon the cross! Our Heavenly Father judged Him there and then, instead of judging us, in hell forever!

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