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Apr 29, 2018
Passage: Isaiah 42:4

Christ Shall Not Fail

He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law

(ISAIAH 42:4)

[Beloved] there is in us all, by nature, the legal leaven of a self-righteous spirit, which leads us into a dry, stiff, dead formality in prayer; and into peevishness and fretfulness if we cannot perform our task. But God requires not such long prayer, nor are we heard for our much speaking. The Bible is the best prayer-book. God tells us to call upon Him in the time of trouble, and that He will deliver us, and we shall glorify Him. A few minutes in prayer, frequently put up, as our troubles abound, are best. To pray God to keep us from the evils we fear, to pardon us for the sake and satisfaction of Christ; to give us submission to His will, and strength and patience equal to the day; to teach and instruct us that we may know His mind and will concerning ourselves; that He would keep us from failing of the grace of God, or from coming short of the promised rest; that He would reveal His dear Son in us; that He would lead us into His own ways, and keep us by His power. We should likewise plead the promises, and encouragements that He holds forth in Christ to sensible sinners, and above all, the appointment and great undertakings of Christ.

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