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Sep 09, 2018
Passage: Jeremiah 17:9

Desperately Wicked

The heart is deceitful above all things, 
and desperately wicked: who can know it?


None know the depth of man’s fall, nor the foulness and filth, the uncleanness, the infidelity and enmity, hardness and impenitency, the rebellion and atheism, of our inbred corruptions, but those who are taught of God; and none but such will ever embrace, adore, and admire the Savior. Of all the specters, ghosts, beasts, or devils, whether in earth or hell, whether real or imaginary, not one ever appeared half so fearful, terrific, or dreadful to me as myself, when exposed by the application of the law! No free-will, self-confidence, daring presumption, false hopes, or head notions, can live, or maintain their standing, on this ground: and I bless God for their destruction; for when we are thus withered God revives us, and under His revivings a better crop is produced; faith and hope, fear and peace, love and joy, light and life, spring up; and this fruit shall never fade, wither, or die away. [AMEN!]

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