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Sovereign Grace Church - Let all those that put their trust in Thee rejoice - by Joseph D. Murphy

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Jan 12, 2020
Passage: Psalm 5:11
Duration:2 mins 48 secs

Let all those that put their trust in Thee rejoice

…let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice…

(Psalm 5:11)

Beloved, God’s elect, God’s people: we trust not in ourselves, nor in men, we trust not in our own righteousness, we trust not in our own strength, but rather ever so blessedly by God’s grace in Christ, we trust in God’s name, in His righteousness, in His power, in His strength. Oh LORD we trust in you! LORD, let your people ever shout for joy, because “thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name, be joyful in thee!”

What do God’s people do? My friend, they trust Him and they love His name, indeed they love the LORD Himself because of the work of His hands, both in creation and redemption, because of the Covenant of His grace, everlasting love, and especially because of the unspeakable gift of His great love for us, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; “For God so loved the world...” not just His elect amongst the Jews, but His elect amongst all the nations “that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

Oh LORD, let them that trust in Thee rejoice and “let them that love thy name, be joyful in Thee” (Psalm 5:11).

Beloved, don’t you love His name? The angel of the Lord declared, “Call His name JESUS for He shall save His people from their sins!” Oh I love His name!

Beloved, in this gospel dispensation we can say it all the more boldly: we call ‘His name JESUS for He has saved us from all our sins’ [Matthew 1:21]. AMEN!

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