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Apr 16, 2016
Preacher: Todd Nibert
Passage: Genesis 3:1-4

Little Errors?

When Satan tempted Eve, he did not begin with open error. He did not begin with an open rejection or denial of what God said. Eve would have never swallowed that. He began with a slight modification of what God said. “Hath God said you shall not eat of every tree” (GENESIS 3:1). No, God said there was only one tree from which they were forbidden to eat. But through that slight modification the door was opened for a complete denial of what God said, “Ye shall not surely die” (GENESIS 3:4). Big errors always begin small. And small errors always turn into big ones! The only way to prevent this is to believe exactly what God says and reject even the slightest deviation from it! In reality, little errors are like little sins. There is no such thing!

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