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Sovereign Grace Church - Things That Accompany Salvation - by Gene Harmon

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Apr 20, 2016
Preacher: Gene Harmon
Passage: Hebrews 6:9

Things That Accompany Salvation

Those who teach that a chosen, blood-bought child of God can lose his salvation are nothing but self-righteous works religionists. They do not know Jesus Christ! Therefore, they do not know the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If they did, they would not put the Son of God “ an open shame” (HEBREWS 6:9). Not only is such sinful Christ-denying doctrine contrary to the clear teachings of Holy Scripture; not only does it make the perfect life of Jesus Christ the God-man, and His sufferings, meaningless; not only does suchl‐false doctrine call Jesus Christ, who is the truth, a liar; it portrays our Sovereign, Omnipotent, Immutable, Triune God, who purposed the salvation of His elect, a failure. Brethren, that sinful doctrine is nothing but hell-deserving blasphemy. Our wonderful, merciful, Covenant God gives His promised children “Things That Accompany Salvation”. He gives us His anointed ministers to preach His Glorious Gospel to us. He sends the Spirit of His Son into our heart to guide us into all truth. He gives us true saving faith by which we embrace Jesus Christ and His Gospel. He gives us an enlightened mind that agrees with what God’s Holy Word says about our sinful, helpless, hopeless, hell-deserving condition. He grants us repentance unto life. He gives us persevering grace that keeps us looking to Jesus Christ. He puts His love in our heart. His love for us, and our love for Him, constrains us, compels us, to live for His glory. God the Holy Spirit gives His redeemed children eternal life, promising us that we will never perish. He gives us a true, sincere desire to continue in the faith; a sincere desire to assemble on a regular basis where the true Gospel of His Sovereign, Amazing Grace is preached.

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