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Sovereign Grace Church - Five Minutes’ Advice To Prayerless Persons And Families - by Robert Hawker

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Oct 14, 1831
Preacher: Robert Hawker
Passage: Job 15:4

Five Minutes’ Advice To Prayerless Persons And Families

Robert Hawker wrote...

Five Minutes Advice by Robert Hawker cover

The great and pressing claims of prayer, considered as  a means of grace, are so fully allowed by every one of common sense and common reason to be positive and indispensable, that there can be but one character upon earth who will presume to question or deny them. He, and he only, will do it, who hath thrown off all sense of religion, and hath dared to say with his mouth, what hitherto the fool hath only ventured to suggest in his heart that “there is no God.”...

...An awakened sense of the infinite importance of the great duty of prayer; an increasing apprehension of the danger of living without it; a serious concern for the souls of all such unthinking characters; and an earnest desire of contributing; though in the smallest degree, as an instrument in the Divine Hand, to stir up the minds of men to a proper regard to it; these are the causes which have prompted the author of this little work to try somewhat out of the common way, in order to awaken; if possible, a spirit of piety in the land;—and may He, who alone can give energy to what is said, bless the labors to the end intended!


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